Len Green 15th February 2013 - lengreen@hotmail.com

Enter Harri's summer house.

Look at the black wood-burning stove. There is a panel near the bottom of the stove with a round knob on it.

Open the panel.

Exit the stove.

Observe the open sack to the left of the stove.

Take the firewood and paper from the sack, and they will appear in inventory.

Return to the open stove.

From inventory, drag the firewood and paper into the stove.

No way... Carol says: "It's already too warm in here"!

Exit the stove again.

On the wall close by are a pair of colourful posters. Look at them in close up.

View the right hand poster, which has the large word "HOGANAS" (a town in Sweden) written on it.

Carol says: "I think that's something used for coal mining".

Now go to the bread-bin which is on the sink in the kitchen.

Look at the bread-bin.

Open the bin...

...and look inside.

Take the key which is inside the bread-bin, and it goes into inventory.

Close the bin.

Exit the close-up of the bin.

Find the tall large cupboard which has three separate doors - the center one forming a tall mirror.

From inventory, use the key to open the left hand door of the cupboard.

Grab the digital camera memory card inside and to the right of the cupboard.

View it, and Carol exclaims: "That's a memory card for a camera".

Take it and it will get stored in inventory.

Close that cupboard door.

From inventory, use the same key to open the middle door of the cupboard.

Search the check shirt hanging inside.

Take the green cigarette lighter from the shirt pocket, and store it in inventory.

Close that cupboard door.

There are shelves of books in the room.

Underneath the middle shelf notice a screwdriver lying on a few black cassette cases.

Pick up the screwdriver, which gets added to inventory.

See a black suitcase next to the refrigerator.

Open it.

Access the camera inside the suitcase.

Open the right edge of the camera...

...and pop in the digital memory card from inventory.

Close that right side of the camera.

Press the on/off button of the camera and view on its screen one of the photos from the memory card.

Over the large button close to the bottom right hand corner of the screen is a 'rotation- arrow' cursor.

Click on it three times, once after the other, and you will see four different photos in all.

Return the camera to the suitcase.

Close the suitcase by using its zip.

Leave the suitcase.

Move to the stairs see the "Go Upstairs"-cursor.

...and so, climb up to the upper floor.

Next to a couch see a chair, and on it a printed email conversation.

Read it carefully and examine the photograph - you will get very important information.


Go back downstairs.

Return to the poster which you (may have - see above!) looked at previously - the one with the Swedish town's name "HOGANAS" printed on it.

Scrutinize it more carefully this time since there is something important on it (Carol makes no comment this time)!

Click on the poster and a safe with a number-pad on it is revealed!

In case you didn't notice, look again at the poster and note the date of the year it was printed.

Return to the number-pad.

View it in close-up.

Dial the numbers 1 9 5 1.

The safe opens...

...and you see an envelope inside.

Open the envelope.

Remove the sheet of paper that's inside. It has the words 'Next drop-off' written on it.


This seemingly blank sheet of paper is put into inventory.

However, reference was made on the brochure upstairs about using "concealed writing"' i.e. invisible ink which needs to be heated in order to be read!

Leave the safe and the poster.

Now; return to the stove and open its panel if it is closed (as described near the beginning)

Once again, from inventory, drag the firewood and paper into the stove - this time it "works"'!

From inventory, use the lighter to set fire to the paper and wood.

From inventory, drag the "blank" sheet of paper near to the flames in order to heat it somewhat.

Observe the concealed message gradually becoming visible!

Pay attention to the signals which highlight the fact that a new location has been added to the map.

Read what was actually hidden there (less brightly, but perfectly legibly!): "Nimis" - this is a strange location in Sweden (its geographic coordinates are listed beneath the name).

Carol exclaims: "This is the classic baking soda method".

Exit the sheet of paper and the stove.

Leave the summer house front its front door.

Exit the location and you are on the (demo restricted) map with the new destination "Nimis" blinking until it is first accessed.

Enter the location.

Examine this unusual location.

Find the rolled up signal-flag half hidden amongst some rocks. If you have very great trouble with this, move as follows from the entrance:- Forward nine times; Right; Forward twice; right.

Unfurl the flag completely by clicking on it twice.

Click on its handle to reveal a rolled up sheet of paper.

Open it up and see two messages written on it which you must read - they are essential for the later continuation of the game.

Carol says together with the top message: "It seems like they have smuggled something by helicopter"...

...and with the bottom message: "The Old Town that's where Sigge ran his casino".

obtain the previously described signals for a new location on the map.

Return to the entrance of Nimis.

Exit the location and once again see the new location on the map - "The Old Town"; the last one in the demo!

It is blinking since it has not yet been accessed.

Click on it and the demo ends with a final notification.

The demo is an extremely short except from about the middle of the full game adapted slightly so as to be self-sufficient.

I hope you enjoyed it and will decide to play the full game with its exciting and thrilling real life narratives and many colourful characters!