Carol Reed Mystery #6


Len Green              20th November 2009      


There should be no need to use this walkthrough since there is a very sophisticated & detailed hint system built into the game itself!  (It is fully described both in the tutorial and the Manual.)

          It has been excellently and almost uniquely devised for a non-linear game so that the player can get help at EVERY stage of the game without revealing future gameplay.

      ******    But if you so desire --- carry on !    ******




{A}   This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you must take in order to succeed. However also included are 3 activities which are not ESSENTIAL to completing the game --- these are included and described  without any differentiation since they are well worth playing.

However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.  Some aspects which are not absolutely imperative have been omitted.  A lot of these are interesting and provide much of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) character, scenery and history of Norrköping … a relatively small town in Sweden, and home to the Developers, Mikael and Eleen Nyqvist.

{B}   Warning:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, view the interesting sights and scenery, and generally ‘act the tourist’, etc. .

If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game fairly quickly. However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!

{C}   The walkthrough does not do justice to “Black Circle”!  A very great part of the interest and beauty of the game is wandering around through the vast number of locations, views, and residences… There are actually so many that I’m pretty certain that I missed a few !  :~)

          There is a lot of interesting history and  material in Norrköping, a small but quite important city whose population is a little under 100,000 and whose original roots date back to the 14th century, or earlier! 

{D}   This is a first-person game and much of the intricacy and pleasure lies in browsing around … and as aforementioned there is a lot of that.  I personally frequently ‘got lost’ looking for some location or object (even occasionally inside a residence!), and sometimes after finding it, lost my way again on returning in order to continue the game.

{E}  Black Circle” does not contain many ‘stand-alone’ puzzles, and those included are generally not difficult.

However there IS one main puzzle for some players which runs right throughout the game.  It is the necessity to ramble around (maze-like) without losing one’s way and getting frustrated due to this. 

          Generally, the player is only told where to go, but not exactly how to get there!  Where this is somewhat more tricky, simple descriptive hints are given to help in orientation. But there are some locations where this may not be sufficient for some players.  In those cases this walkthrough contains exact instructions such as:-

                   Move right twice (R x 2); then move forward (F); then left three times (L x 3); then move forward five times (F x 5); and finally move right (R) again.

KEY :-  Right .…. Left ….. Forward (‘Up’) ….. Back (‘Down’).

It is sometimes rather difficult to exit a location after having fulfilled all possible tasks there.  However. since the location is now much better known, in this walkthrough, no detailed description is given as to how to exit.  If the worst comes to the worst, the player is bound to stumble upon the large exit icon sooner or later.

{F}   Upon entering every new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout.  However, the walkthrough never tells you explicitly to do this!

{G}   You should most certainly NOT  have to follow the same order of accessing locations as described in this walkthrough since the game is  NOT linear and only one route is outlined here.  There is  a VER large number of permutations of routes, and it is almost impossible  that any pair of  players will follow exactly the same itinerary. 

          In addition it is most likely that this walkthrough does not describe the best or even optimum route to play the game (and finish it completely)!

          Some locations of course will not appear on the map until you have completed certain tasks, and so a particular order is sometimes obligatory.  Other than this, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) all locations as you wish !

{H}   There is no need to describe ANY of the ‘mechanics’ &/or interface of the game.  It is all contained in the Manual which is to be found in the “Black Circle” folder on your Hard Disc (after installing of course), and also as a shortcut in the same program group as the installed game.

{I}   There is no so-called ‘bad language’ or ‘adult material’. It is all first person and mouse driven point & click. There are full (and excellent) subtitles for ALL speech.

{J}  As in most games, it is easy to make a wrong or redundant move!  So it is advisable to save frequently

There are 108 save-slots… in case anybody needs that many!  Since each save is fairly small, saving and loading is reasonably fast, presenting little delay to progress.

N.B.  There are absolutely NO dead-ends or crashes in the game!

{K}  EVERY TIME you obtain items, they appear in your inventory.  It’s always worthwhile observing each new inventory item by right clicking on it to get an excellent greatly enlarged picture of the item together with a very brief description of it.

N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to manipulate, some of the inventory items in close-up to complete the game.

{L}  There are no instructions in the walkthrough to close drawers, cupboards, cabinets, etc since the game ensures that you cannot continue if you do NOT!.

{M}  There are a number of puzzles in the game.  Wherever there is an outright spoiler, I have inserted it in smaller print and a light green color that is not TOO easy to read, as follows:-

Spoilers are inserted like this ………

I have done this deliberately since many players do not want to see spoilers unless absolutely essential.


The  Walkthrough


                   ~~~~~~   In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in bold-underlined-red.

                   ~~~~~~   All objects which are taken & used from the inventory are written in bold-underlined-blue.


                             ~~~~~~   Whenever and wherever a new location is added to the map, the event is marked in bold-dark-red --- generally in the form:- …which is now added to the locations on the map”.

        ~~~~~~   N.B. ….. The first  time you are about to access any location, it is displayed on the map in greenEvery time after that in ordinary white.


                             ~~~~~~    If you are not too acquainted with this type of Quest-Adventure game, play through the tutorial which will familiarize you with the controls and interface.

**** Otherwise… skip it! ****


[ 1 ] Home (Carol Reed’s apartment)  {1st visit}

*****  You are in the kitchen in Carol’s apartment.

*****  There are a few items of interest to look at… but almost all are not for use in the demo.

*****  As soon as you leave the kitchen and enter the hall, you see a very old fashioned vintage telephone on the wall. On it is a modern mobile phone which is ringing.

*****  Pick up the mobile phone.

*****  Somebody is phoning Carol.  It’s Oscar, Carol’s downstairs neighbour… he is a medical doctor.

*****  Answer him.

*****  Exit the front door and onto the stairs in Carol’s building.

[ 2 ] Oscar’s apartment  {1st visit}

*****  Descend the stairs.

*****  Knock on Oscar’s door and enter.

*****  Talk to Oscar and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Oscar has seen a dead body and leaves the scene to call the police.  When he returns, the body has gone and the police refuse to believe him despite the fact that he’s a retired medical doctor and definitely recognizes a corpse when he sees one!!

This discussion is the impetus for the whole game.

*****  Automatically exit to the map.

       At this early stage of the game, there are 5 locations on the map which can be visited in any order :-  Home;  Oscar’s Apartment;  Stina’s Bakery;  Allotment;  The Railway Bridge.  The last 3 are displayed on the map in green since none of them has yet been visited.

[ 3 ] Stina’s Bakery  {1st visit} 

*****  Enter the bakery.

*****  Talk to Stina and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 4 The Allotment  {1st visit}

*****  Locate the blue shed.  This should be pretty easy but if you have difficulty at this early stage ---  From the first screen inside the allotment:- go F;  L; F; ; R; F; R; F; R.

*****  The door is wide open.

*****  Enter the shed.

*****  Take the file.

*****  Leave the shed.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 5 The Railway Bridge  {1st visit}

*****  Cross the bridge.

*****  Proceed to the old brown hut.

*****  Carol exclaims “This must have been where the dead man was sitting”.

*****  If you feel like it, look around the hut.

*****  Look close-up at the grass under a window.

*****  Observe a small scrap of white paper.

*****  Flip the paper over and view a telephone number.  At the same time see (top left corner of your monitor) and hear the location-icon indicating 27 Cotton Road which is now added to the locations on the map.

*****  Pick up the scrap of paper and it attaches itself to the mobile phone in inventory.

***** In inventory look at the mobile phone together with the scrap of paper and an operator button.

*****  In inventory, click on the scrap of paper (attached to the mobile phone) and dial the phone number --- it rings many times, but there is no reply.

*****  In inventory, click on the operator button (attached to the mobile phone) and learn that that phone number is unlisted.

*****  Continue walking from the hut a little and reach a river bank and the jetty that Oscar mentioned.

*****  Search around until you find a cigarette case in the water very close to the bank.

*****  Look close-up at the cigarette case… it has the name “Milly” inscribed on it. 

*****  Pick up the cigarette case.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 6 27 Cotton Road  {1st visit}

*****  Go to 27 Cotton Road  --- it is a bicycle club.

*****  Approach the front door.

*****  Carol is stopped by a man who evidently thinks that she is their cleaning-lady.

“You can’t clean the place with your hands. ----- Go and get your equipment.”

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 7 ] Home (Carol Reed’s apartment)  {2nd visit}

*****  Enter Carol’s home.

*****  There are a floor mop and bucket etc. in the bathroom.

*****  Take the  floor mop and bucket.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 8 27 Cotton Road  {2nd visit}

*****  Carol again approaches the front door with her mop and bucket.

*****  Once more see the same man

*****  Carol again approaches the front door with her mop and bucket.

*****  Now that Carol has her equipment, the same man in front of the door tells her… “Good. I'll be going home now.  Lock the door when you leave”.

*****  He lets you in, but this area isn't accessible in the demo… “You can’t enter this place in the demo. Click anywhere to exit”.


Ending the demo.

          This is a very non-linear game.  Thus there are many different ‘orders’ of gameplay to complete the demo!

          But, of necessity, this walkthrough only describes one single  itinerary through the demo out of many.  This means that the demo can be finished not by performing one single action (as is generally the case)  but by several different actions!  This ‘ending-action’  depends on the player’s particular individual path through the demo.


          There are 4 different actions the player MUST perform to complete the demo and be informed of this.  Due to the game’s non-linearity, you can perform these 4 actions in ANY ORDER (--- although there is one action only that you cannot get to until you have finished one of the others!).

          In each case, the essential action is only completed when you actually leave the particular location.

                   The 4 essential actions are (in no particular order):-

          {a}  Obtain the file.

          {b}  Obtain Milly’s cigarette case.

          {c}  Finish talking to Stina.

          {d}  Enter the bicycle club.

                   Like the other 3 you can perform {d} whenever. BUT as opposed to the other 3 which you can do direct from the appropriate location on the map, to perform {d} you must first:-

1.         Pick up the scrap of paper from “The Railway Bridge”.

2.         Approach the man at “27 Cotton Road” (i.e. The “Bicycle Club”).

3.         Obtain Milly’s mop and bucket.

4.         Return to  The Bicycle Club”.

     When you have completed the last of the 4 conditions, whichever one it is, you get the following message, and the demo is completed:-

This is the end of the demo. 

Thank you for playing.