Carol Reed Mystery # 8

Walkthrough by Len Green (

February 2012


Carol’s home (1)

Carol is having a sleep-in, but has forgotten to turn off the alarm clock. Carol moans:  ”Oh no, I forgot to turn off the alarm clock.”

Click on the alarm clock to shut it off.

Get out of bed and go to the kitchen.

There’s a wallet on the kitchen table. Pick it up. Take the cash and look at the card about the Lunda Wheel.

Find your way to the living room. Carol’s mobile phone is on a charger on the floor in a corner of the room.

Unplug the phone and read the SMS from Carol’s friend Stina:

”Can you please drop by the kiosk? I have a favour to ask of you.”

Stina's kiosk appears on the map.

Carol comments ”That message must have arrived yesterday.”

Carol's mobile phone is added to the inventory.

Find Carol’s computer/TV room. Pick up the lipstick beside the computer monitor, and find out that it’s actually a ballpoint pen, which is added to the inventory.

Pick up the ballpoint pen refill beside the doll’s house.

In inventory combine the ballpoint pen refill with the ballpoint pen, and get a recently refilled ballpoint pen.


Carol’s allotment (1)

Pick up the keys in the allotment from the flower basket.

Use the keys to open the blue shed, and grab the hacksaw on the left wall.

Take a look at the rubber boat in the shed. Carol says: ”Stina gave me this rubber boat to use as a bird bath. I still haven’t figured out if she was joking.”


Stina’s kiosk

Look at the notice stuck on Stina’s kiosk.

 Carol says ”Accident? I must go to Stina at once.” Stina's home  appears on the map.


Stina’s home (1)

Carry out the conversation with Stina.

Stina’s attic appears on the map.


Stina’s attic (1)

Find room 8 at the end of the corridor.

There is a banana box on a high shelf. When trying to grab it, Carol says: ”I’m way too short.”

Take the toilet bowl in the same room.

Place the toilet bowl beneath the banana box to reach it.

Pick up the strange photo and the medical license from the banana box.

Carol reads the text on the medical license, and comments: ”That is  Stina’s grandfather’s name.” and ”There should be more information about this medical license somewhere.”

Look at the lower right corner of the license and see that the license was issued by the Norrköping Board of Medicine”, which appears on the map.

There is also a metal box with numbers on in the banana box. It cannot be opened at this stage.


The Board of Medicine

Talk to the clerk at the desk.

Repeat the question Can you please check for information about that medical license again?”

When the clerk turns to the computer, pick up the list on his desk.

Use the pen on the list and add Carol’s name.

A new question comes up, and the clerk will allow you to enter the archives.

Look at the door with the code lock. It can’t be opened yet.

Proceed forward and find the blue tin box. Look at it in close-up and pick up a desk key from it.

A jacket hangs to the left of the shelf with the blue tin box. Walk to the other side of the room to reach the right pocket of the jacket. Search the pocket and find a drawing of 4 hands.

Find a grey metal door which leads to another room. Examine the desks at the right side of the room.

One desk contains some sticky stuff.  Pick it up.

At the end of the room you will find a locked desk. Open it with the key from the blue tin box. Pick up the sign language book.

The door with the code lock can now be opened. The code is 2567.

We are now inside the actual archives.

Read the paper inside the green map on the table.

There is a sheet of paper stuck between the box files on the shelf by the wall. Look at it. It has arrows relating to the letters C,F and M.

We can now open section M, using the information from the green map and the blue sheet of paper. You need to turn the handle twice to the right, then once to the left, and finally once again to the right.


Find box file 0460 and read what’s in it.

Carol comments: ”Maybe the doctor worked at Broxtowe.”

Exit the archives and engage in a new conversation with the clerk.

The library appears on the map.


The library (1)

Look at the right shelf and find a book about the Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution for the Criminally Insane.

The John Milius Exhibition appears on the map.


The John Milius Exhibition (1)

Look at the notice on the door. It says: ”Closed during summertime. Call 0011-46 28 66 for information.”

Look at the phone in the inventor and click on the phone number.

Henry Milius appears on the map.


Henry Milius (1)

Talk to Henry Milius, and get the key to the exhibition.


The John Milius Exhibition (2)

You can now enter the exhibition with the key Henry Milius gave Carol.

Read the text about Julian Milius on the green pedestal.

Look at the painting of a bird on the wall and read the text.

Examine the calendar on the same wall and read the text below it.

Look at the article about The Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution for the Criminally Insane.

The Broxtow Psychiatric Institution  appears on the map.


Stina’s attic (2)

Return to Stina’s attic and punch in the numbers 06/06/35 on the metal box which is in the banana box.

The metal box opens.

Pick up the “Famous Swedish Criminals” collectors' card with featuring Alfons Larson.

Read the considerably newer article that is under it.


Broxtowe (1)

Take a look at the exterior of the institution. You cannot get very far before Carol comments: ”No, I don’t think I’ll be able to get in there. Besides, according to that newspaper article it’s dangerous to move around in there.”


The Miranda Hospital (1)

The Miranda Hospital is now merely a ruin, almost entirely hidden behind trees.

Go to the very end of the interior of the hospital, and find a tile on the right.


Stina’s home (2)

Talk to Stina again.

The first windmill and the second windmill appear on the map.


The first windmill

Open the door to the windmill. Look up through the opening leading to the second floor. Carol comments: ”So how do I get up there?”.

Pick up the orange box (box with useless stuff) on the left.

Place the orange box on the red box and climb on it to reach the second floor.

The ladder on the second floor leads to another floor. Climb the ladder.

As soon as you reach the next floor look closely at the floor in front of you. Pick up the loop bolt.

Yet another ladder on this floor leads to the brake wheel. Climb the ladder and turn around 180 degrees. You will see something blue on the floor. Pick up the diskette. Carol says: ”That’s an old diskette. What’s that doing in here?”


The second windmill

Enter the windmill and climb the ladder.

Go to the inner half of the top floor, turn around 180 degrees and look up.

Below the enormous brake wheel there is a small red pouch of some kind.

Try to reach the pouch. Carol says: ”I can't reach it.”  

Use the loop bolt to get the pouch.

The pouch contains a rusty key to the Eastern windmill.

There is a bird’s nest on the floor. Pick up the ring from it.


Carol’s home (2)

Put the diskette in her computer which stands on the floor in the computer/TV room. Carol comments: ”It’s a 3.5-inch diskette. I still have one of those drives. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play some of my older games.”

Read the text displayed on the monitor from the diskette.

 Carol says: ”So there’s one more windmill.”

The Eastern windmill appears on the map.


The Eastern windmill (1)

The door to the Eastern windmill is locked.

Use the key to open it.

Immediately look to the left  after having entered the windmill. Pick up the sketch from the wooden container.

Find your way up to the second floor. Look at the sofa. Carol exclaims: ”This must have been where the doctor lived.”

Take the message to Julian under the sofa. Read it, and the Post-It note attached to it.

Look at the large matchbox on the wall opposite to the sofa. Try to take it. Carol says: ”It’s secured with a steel wire.”


Henry Milius (2)

Go back to Henry Milius and talk to him again.

Henry Milius Store Room appears on the map.


Henry Milius Store Room (1)

There is a flashlight standing on a box slightly to the right of the middle of the frame when you first enter the room. Pick it up.

Pick up an envelope from the checkered pot.

Read the letter from the doctor, and the article about Polio.

Carol comments: ”Well, I guess I just have to try to get into Broxtowe.”

Lift the photo standing to the left of the pot.


Broxtowe (2)

Walk past the front of the institution and turn to the right.

Look up at the wall and see the gratings. Note the gear icon below the window.

Leave the area. You get an SMS from Jonas: SOS! Can you meet me at the Craftsmen’s Café?

The Craftmen’s Café appears on the map.


The Craftsmen’s Café (1)

Talk to Jonas.

The Linnea Shore appears on the map.

The Lunda Wheel appears on the map.

(If the Lunda Wheel doesn’t appear on the map here, you have to go back to Carol’s home and look at the card in the wallet to get the address).


Linnea Shore

Go to the very end of the area. You’ll find a dark opening in the mountain.

Use the flashlight and pick up the key.


The Lunda Wheel

Look beneath the stairs and find a hacksaw blade.

In inventory combine the hacksaw blade with the hacksaw and get a hacksaw with blade.

Open the door and pick up the ladder inside the small room.


The Craftsmen’s Café (2)

Talk to Jonas again.


Broxtowe (3)

Walk pass the front of the institution, turn to the right and place the ladder under the window.

Use the hacksaw with blade to saw the grating open. Enter through the window and you will find yourself inside on the building’s first floor.

Go forward five times and turn left. From here you can enter the yard.

Go forward a few times until you see the old gazebo that you’ve previously seen in the old photo. Carol exclaims: ”It’s still here!”

A bicycle pump lies to the left of the gazebo. Pick it up.

Go back inside the building. From the same place that you entered the yard you can also use the stairs to get to the second floor.

While on the second floor turn right, walk forward five times and turn right again.

Look at the floor in the blue cell in close-up. Pick up the round key.

Turn right, walk forwards once and turn right again.

Use the round key to open the towel dispenser.

Pick up the tube-shaped thing inside the dispenser.

Get the coded message and the transparent film. Carol comments: ”It’s a transparent film.”

Turn around to see a bathtub. Pick up the hammer and nails from the bathtub.


Henry Milius Storeroom (2)

Compare the coded message from Broxtowe with the coded part of the message from Alfons to Julian from the Eastern windmill. The signs on the coded message from Broxtowe seems to read “four right, two left, four right”.

Lift the green box standing to the right of the checkered pot. Turn the compass according to the coded message: “four right, two left, four right”.

Read the postcard.


Henry Milius (3)

Talk to Henry Milius again.

The Boat Graveyard appears on the map.


The Boat Graveyard (1)

Walk forward a few times to see Julian’s old cruise ship. Carol says: ”That is Julian's  old ship, no doubt. They’ve put some blue and brown thing in front of it. I have to find a way to get out there.”

Click the forward icon in the water. Carol exclaims: ”I’m not gonna swim all the way out there.”


Carol’s allotment (2)

Go back to the allotment and pick up the rubber boat from the blue shed.


The Boat Graveyard (2)

In inventory, combine the rubber boat with the bicycle pump to get an inflated rubber boat.

Put the inflated rubber boat into the water. Click the forward icon. Carol says: ”I need something to row with.”

Use the tile from inventory to row the boat.

Try to open the metal hatch at the front of the ship. Carol says ”It’s rusted shut.”

Use the ladder to get to the upper deck. Go left and then through a door to get inside the ship.

There is a staircase leading down. Pick up the crowbar that lies at the top of the staircase.

You’ll find a bar near the center of the deck. Walk past it and look to the right. Pick up the clippers that are on the small shelf.

Go back to the hatch at the front of the boat. Open it with the crowbar.

Take the GPS receiver and the piece of cardboard.


John Milius Exhibition (3)

Place the piece of cardboard on the painting with the multicoloured quarter circles. Rotate it until 4 coloured symbols fit the holes in the cardboard. The colours are green, black, red, and blue.


The Boat Graveyard (3)

Climb through a window in order to reach the interior of the ship.. Carry on forwards and go through two doors.

There is a safe to the left in the flooded room behind the second door. It has a circle on it in 4 colours. Press on the colours in the same order as you saw the symbols through the holes of the cardboard: i.e.  green, black, red, and blue.

Take the clock.

Leave the ship.

Someone attacks Carol from behind!

After finally managing to get up, Carol exclaims: ”Oh no, whoever did that took the clock.”

Look at the big stone with a metal loop on. Carol says: ”The person who knocked me out must have been standing behind that stone.”

Look behind the stone and pick up the magnetic stripe card.


The Eastern windmill (2)

Use the clippers to cut the steel wire holding the large matchbox on the second floor.

Look at the contents of the matchbox.

Carol comments: ”I should try to find out more about those stones.”


The library (2)

There is a book entitled ”From Bones to Stones - Brief descriptions of local tourist attractions” on the left shelf. Take it down and read it.

The Loredum Stones appears on the map.


The Loredum Stones (1)

Examine the stones carefully. Notice that the shapes of some stones are identical to the ones on the sketch from the Eastern windmill.

To the right of the entrance of the area, you will find a wooden ladder leading over the fence. Pick up the two planks that have fallen off the ladder.


The Eastern windmill (3)

Go back to the Eastern windmill and mend the ladder on the second floor using either the planks or alternatively the hammer and nails – from inventory. If Carol says ”I think I need something else too.” you have missed  picking up either the hammer and nails from Broxtowe, or the planks from the Loredum Stones area.

Climb the ladder to get to the top floor.

As soon as you get to the top floor you see some symbols on the wall and a nail above them. Look at it in close-up, and hang the transparent film from inventory on the nail.

Turn around to where the ladder leads down. Pick up the piece of paper on the floor. It’s an advertisement from a call-girl.

Flip the advertisement. Sundown Road 42 C, 1st floor appears on the map.


The Loredum Stones (2)

Compare the placement of the stones on the sketch with the corresponding numbers on the transparent film from the upper floor of the Eastern windmill. They are a2, b3, b6 and b4.


Sundown Road 42 C (1)

Ring the doorbell and then turn to the right.

Speak to Bigge.

Enter the apartment. Find the closet in the hallway.

Try to reach the box very high on the shelf to the right. Carol says: ”I can’t reach it.”

Go to end of the living room and pick up the dog food.

Go back to the closet and place the dog food under the shelf with the box.

Try to stand on the dog food. Carol says: ”I’m too heavy to stand on the lid.”

Place the tile on top of the dog food and stand on it.

When the different coloured areas on the box are pressed, they produce a letter in the round area in the middle.

Press the areas in the following order: Green (first from top), red (second from bottom), purple (second from top), pink (fourth from top), brown (first from bottom).


There is a matchbox in the upper left corner of the box. Open it and look at the piece of paper inside it.

The cabin at Rawberry Road appears on the map.


Amber’s clients' cabin

Knock on the front door. No one opens it.

Find the window leading to the basement on the right side of the house. Open it and jump down.

Turn left and enter the room in front of you.

Turn around 180 degrees. Enter the house via the stairway.

Turn right and go forward to enter the kitchen.

Search the waste paper basket in the kitchen to find an old charger. Carol comments: ”I think this is an older type of charger.”

Go to the second floor. Enter the bedroom with two unmade beds.

Look in the chest beside the door in the bedroom. Lift the photo and turn it around.

Pick up the photo of Amber.

Enter the other room on the second floor. Find the ladder leading to the loft and climb it.

Go to the end of the loft and turn around. Pick up the key from the floor.

Go down  the ladder. Use the key from the loft on the light beige cabinet beside the exit door.

Find the notepad in the cabinet and read the unfinished letter.

Go down the stairs to the dining room.

Look at the program on the chest. Note the colours on the flag for the “Hot Oxes”.

Find the bathroom in the hallway on the first floor. Examine the bag on the right. Press the buttons on the 3-colour pen in the same order as the colours on the Hot Oxes flag, i.e. red, black, green, and finally red. Carol says: ”These look like GPS coordinates.”

Take the GPS coordinates.


Carol’s home (3)

In inventory, combine the GPS receiver with the old charger to get a GPS receiver with charger.

Plug the GPS receiver with charger in the wall socket in the living room close to the window.

Wait a while and pick up the GPS receiver.

Press on the buttons on the GPS receiver twice. Carol says: ”Let’s see...”.

Amber's apartment appears on the map.


Amber’s apartment (1)

”Talk” (she lost a bet and may only write) to the young woman.

When she asks you for an invitation you can answer “Oh yes, it’s right here” if you’ve picked up the photo of Amber in Amber’s clients' apartment. If not, you have to go back to Amber’s clients' apartment to get the photo.

Talk to Amber.

When Amber asks you what you can do for her, give her the ring. If you don’t have the ring, you have to go back to the second windmill to get it.


Sundown Road 42 C (2)

Go back and talk to Bigge again.

You are automatically transported to his apartment.

Go behind the green drapery in the hallway and turn immediately right.

Grab the painting of the Loredum Stones and turn it around.

Carol says: Knoel Street 24b… Maybe I should ask Amber about that.”


Amber’s apartment (2)

Talk to Amber again.

Knoel Street 24b appears on the map.


Knoel Street 24b

Go forward 5 times and then turn to the left. Enter the 24 hour yard sale.

Find a hockey stick on sale. Take the hockey stick.

Pay for the hockey stick in the small basket on the yellow table using the cash from inventory.

Leave the yard sale and find the opening in the fence at the other side of the road.

Carol finds Knoel Street 24a. The house beside it is gone, and Carol exclaims: ”So, Knoel Street 24b was obviously here”.

Go to the other side of the house and turn around the corner.

Look through the broken window.

In inventory, combine the hockey stick with the sticky stuff to get a sticky hockey stick.

Use the sticky hockey stick to obtain the paper which is inside the building.

The Electro Junk Workshop appears on the map.


The Electro Junk Workshop

Use the magnetic stripe card from the boat graveyard to open the door.

Inside the workshop turn left, and open the small cup in front of you.

Pick up the carpet knife and read the article and the letters.

Turn around 180 degrees and take the key from under the loudspeaker.

Enter the inner room and open the cupboard with the key from under the loudspeaker.

Open the metal box and take the pistol.

Pick up the jiffy bag and open it with the carpet knife.

Get the note with codes. This is a clue that will help you interpret the meaning of the transparent film that you placed on the symbols on the upper floor of the Eastern windmill. The codes correspond to hours of the day:

A1 = one o’clock
A2 = three o’clock
A3 = five o’clock
A4 = seven o’clock
A5 = two o’clock
A6 = six o’clock
B1 = twelve o’clock
B2 = eleven o’clock
B3 = four o’clock
B4 = nine o’clock
B5 = eight o’clock
B6 = ten o’clock

Close the cupboard and turn to the right.

Open the cupboard which is now in front of you.  Take the clock. Carol says: ”So here it is.”

Leave the workshop.


Carol’s home (4)

Carol is now automatically transported to her apartment. She puts down the clock on a table in her computer/TV room.

Lift the clock. Carol says: ”I wonder if this can be opened somehow?”

The stones we have seen on the sketch correspond to the codes b2, a3, b6 and b4. According to the note with codes from the electro junk workshop, they correspond to the following hours of the day: 11, 5, 10, and 9.

Open the clock by turning the hands to 11 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 10 o’clock, and 9 o’clock.

If the clock doesn’t open, you haven’t opened the jiffy bag in the electro junk workshop and/or placed the transparent film on the nail on the upper floor of the Eastern windmill.

Read the message inside the clock.

The Broby Sanitarium appears on the map.


Broby Sanitarium (1)

Go to the very end of the area to find the annexe.

Enter the annexe through the door on the short side.

Go forward 5 times, and turn left. Open the door.

Look at the right side of the desk in close-up. Take the pliers.

Close the door, turn left, walk forward twice, and then turn left again.

Look at the key in the lock in close-up. Try to turn it. Carol says: ”A key... There’s no way I can turn it with my bare hands.”

Turn the key with the pliers. The door opens.

Look at the small white envelope on the shelf in the green room. Pick it up and open it.

Take the key from the envelope.


Broxtowe (4)

Enter Broxtowe again. Go upstairs by going forward 5 times, turn left, and use the stairs.

Turn right, go forward twice, and then turn left. Try to open the metal door. It’s locked.

Use the key from Broby to open the metal door.

Carol enters the burnt-down attic. She says: ”I need some protection before going up here.”, and doesn’t want to proceed.


The Craftsmen’s Café (3)

Talk to Jonas again.

Take the helmet lying in from of Jonas.


Broxtowe (5)

Enter the attic again.

Turn right immediately, and pick up the screwdriver lying on the ground.

Proceed further into the attic until you find a dark room.

Use the flashlight to light up the dark room.

Look at the locked chest in the room.


Broby Sanitarium (2)

Enter the annexe.

Walk forward once, turn left, forward, and left again.

Look at the towel dispenser in close-up.

Use the towel dispenser key to open it.

Remove the towel dispenser with the screwdriver.

Read the message on the wall.


Broxtowe (6)

Enter Broxtowe again. Go forward 4 times, turn left, go forward, and turn left.

Look at the lamp hanging down from the ceiling.

Remove the cover from the lamp.

Take the key inside the lamp.

Turn left, walk forward once, turn left, walk forward once, and turn left again. Use the stairs.

Turn right, go forward twice, and then turn left. Open the metal door.

Go to the end of the attic.

Use the flashlight to light up the dark room.

Open the chest with the key from the lamp.

Lift the right-hand  banana box.

Take the envelope with the formula.

Leave Broxtowe

Before you get out of the building, Carol gets an SMS. "I think you've missed something".


The Miranda Hospital (2)

Go to the very end of the interior of the hospital. Turn around, and David Larson will turn up in front of you.

Talk to David Larson.

When he starts telling Carol to get down on her knees, look up at the brick wall.

Take the gun from  inventory and shoot at the wall.

Click on the forward arrow to escape from the vicinity.


Carol’s home (5)

Read the letter that Carol has written to Stina. It explains the whole series of events.

Read the epilogue which describes what happens to the characters after the mystery has been cleared up.

Finally view the Credits.


Hope you enjoyed it !!